For cost comparison baselines, attached below are the cost details for the Long Island Yellow Jackets program. Notice that there is a non-refundable $50.00 tryout fee. (Can you imagine the impact of charging $50.00 per tryout in the youth soccer domain?) Notice that for a $600.00 annual fee, only ten practice sessions are included for an average cost per player of $60.00 per session. (Think about that cost relative to soccer training at $150.00 per session spread over fifteen team players.)

Tryout Fee: $50.00 (non-refundable)

Yellow Jackets Membership Cost: $600.00 per year

Membership Fees Cover the following:
  • quality coaching designed to improve individual & team skills
  • 10 Club practice sessions
  • performance training
  • Uniforms: 1st year players: Pinnie/shorts, Team warm up jacket, Shoe bag, ($90.00 fee for Custom Uniform is additional)
  • use of coaching staff as college references
  • Celebration banquet
  • Website
  • Cost of fields & equipment
  • Club Salaries & expenses
  • Team membership for elite tournaments
  • The opportunity to participate in tournament play throughout the year
Tournament Fees: are separate and vary per tournament. Tournament Fees are the responsibility of the player & their family. Travel, Meals & Accomodation expenses are the responsibility of the player and their families.

Tournament Fee Covers:
  • Individual Registration in tournament
  • Coaches hotel accomodations & expenses
  • Coaches per diem salary
  • Tournament administrative costs
You can be sure that BOTC Industries is going to be doing research into all of these areas across Long Island. What do the bill paying parents feel about the value being received? What other options are you pursuing?

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