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[ Why do you think your kid plays defense and not midfield ? I would say you are a clown but really your just sad .

And there's the insult. Exactly what sort of stick skills do defenders lack? Shooting behind the back? Not needed on D, and frankly not needed on O either. It's fancy, it's showy, and it misses more than it hits. They go lefty and righty, they catch, pass and run like all the other players on the field. They have an entirely different skill set than offense and for you to think it's all abut stick tricks is a joke and shows a lack of understanding of the game.

There you go again powder puff showing a complete lack of understanding .The person you quoted and the person talking about shooting behind their back are two different people . I have yet to hear any of you explain why your kid plays defense and not middie in high school. Would also be curious as to why college coaches very often recruit middies first turning them into both attack and defense while rarely do high school defenders get recruited and converted into attack or middies . The reason is simple , high school middies are the best athletes and defenders don’t have the stick skills to play offense . Now tell us how long you have been around the game ,also wondering if any defender you know has had the stick skills of KO .

I don't know where your daughter goes to HS, but this is ridiculous. Check out top IAAM private schools in Baltimore. Do you honestly think that all the best players play midfield? Only 3 midfielders play at a time, and at most HS's there isn't a lot of subbing. It's not like boys lacrosse where you are running multiple lines of middies out there. I know for my daughter's team every starting defender could play midfield. All of them have or even still do for their club team. You have to have athletic defenders with good stick skills to be able to clear the ball. And my daughter isn't a midfielder. A defender on her team is the most sought after player by colleges so far and she plays defense on her club also. She made Under Armour and has made multiple camp all star teams. If you think colleges aren't looking at defenders that's stupid. Will they move middies to defense as well of course. Doesn't mean top defenders aren't in high demand.