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Clearly some kids / dads / coaches / boosters have felt or have been told that their favorite goalie is "the best" in the 2021-22 group and are now feeling salty and blaming the process. Scroll back a couple months and see which A conference bottom-feeder was popping of about their recruits and their JV goalie and you can connect the dots.

They won the JV Championship. They will make playoffs next season and then 3 straight titles after that.

oh boy'
1st-win more than 2 games next year
2nd-make the playoffs
3rd-win a playoff game
4th-JV is not Varsity
5th- keep the dads on the other sideline
6th- keep the moms on the other sideline
7th- MIAA is not the same has club
8th- beat Serverna Park first
9th-buy a few more tuitions and maybe
10th-let the kids be kids and do it on their own-