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True. My son tried out. Based on the players we know, we thought he was
Number 2 or 3 going in and this held up in the tryouts. He didn't even get a callback. Even though his coaches and other had him top 3, our realistic goal and hope was to at least make it to the call back. 2 of the callbacks are head sctratchers for sure. The one kid may have had the 8th best tryout but when the names of the callbacks are released, you will understand and be able to piece together why he got invited. The top 2 that SHOULD now make the team are excellent players and well deserving. I just hope it is those 2 who make the final roster.

None of this makes any sense. Were you watching your son or were you watching everyone else on both fields? Did you jot down all the goalies numbers and rank them yourself? Just trying to figure out how you take the callback email with only numbers listed and figure out which ones were goalies, how many got called back and where they were in your personal rankings.

No, I decided to let his HS coach tell us the goalies who made it. Much easier. We all know each other and have competed against each other for years. The one kid who made it, his dad and I talked during tryouts. He was happy for the experience but he said he knew his son didn't even have a chance at a callback.

No big deal really. They are all great kids