For the guy constantly bashing Wantagh Girls Lacrosse

Let's be are

- Not a CSH parent/fan because they are too classy and would not stoop this low. They are a very good team that improved as the year progressed. They lost to this terrible Wantagh team albeit it was very early in the season. I wish them luck against the Suffolk C champs and I think they can win it all.

- Another C level team parent/fan that is not that good and can never get past the C level Power Conference schools (CSH, NS, and Wantagh).

- More than likely a Wantagh parent/fan...a typical - whose kid gets no playing time or perhaps did not make the varsity this year even though more than a handful of 9th graders made it due to lack of depth. Of course they were embarrassed last night because they expect more out of themselves and did not want to let the program down. I looked back (5) years and see they have been five time semi-finalists, four time finalist (two in B and two in C), two time Nassau County Champs (one in B and one in C), They have quite a few girls that are playing D1 lacrosse so stop being a keyboard cowboy and take little Susie to the wall a few more times so she can improve and maybe get on the field this way all us fans can get to hear you yell "Go to goal"...