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Why do we even play the regular season in Nassau? CSH, Manhasset, Garden City all there again at the end....Congratulations. NO surprise that the teams that have deep rosters because they share the ball keep beating up on teams that run everything through a few players. I cant ever recall a Newsday top scorer from any of these teams

I don't care if my daughters team wins. As long as my daughter scores 3 or 4 goals I am happy. Who cares if she takes 14 shots? Certainly not the coach... Who cares if she is detriment to the team? Not the coach... Scoring goals is all that matters. My daughters coach doesn't stop her from going to the goal so it must be okay. There are a couple of other players who also try to force their way to goal and the coach says nothing to them either. I guess it is all good. What I can't figure out is why we never make it to the county finals... forget about winning a championship we can't even get to the finals. I just don't understand it, I think they need to get the ball to my daughter more so she can shoot more.