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When do All County Players get chosen? Who determines the players and what criteria?

1- If your team did not make the playoffs, you will not have any All County players on it.. regardless of talent.

2- the level of your teams success determines how many "award" slots they will have

3- Your coach chooses whom within the team to award. Favorites > those who deserve it.

These points have some validity however there are some differences. Players can and do earn All-County even if they do not make the playoffs. The way way the awards work are contingent on your teams success in which then the team is allotted a certain number of All Conference, Honorable Mention All County and All County awards BUT the other coaches do have to vote a certain percentage in order for a player to earn All County and obviously for All American which is very difficult to earn. Unfortunately, teams that are good get allotted a high number of awards that most likely take away from a good player on a bad team and it's unfortunate that some of the awards are not truly voted upon by the coaches but just given by your coach bc of the system.

Wrong, coaches do not vote on all county.