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this has been an ongoing problem for players. I know it is a team sport but kids are being recruited and if they are not on a Ward Melville or Garden city who is on TV and make it deep to playoffs then the only things coaches really see are the stats.

To give you an example. last year the scorekeeper didn't record 4 goals and 5 assists my son had. We said nothing. This year he was already not given credit for a goal in the first game. We didn't say anything last year but my son did say something to the coach. Ironically enough, a college coach who is interested in my son emailed him on his great game he had yesterday because of the stats he saw online.

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I agree completely. My son's team got slammed today, but he still had a ton of saves as a goalie, somewhere in the 20 range. That was the number our book had. The winning team reports the score and the stats. They reported 8 saves. You won and as a coach you don't have the decency to give credit where it is due? I watched the game film and the 8 they reported he had a few minutes into the 2nd quarter. Pretty low.

I do not think it is the coaches who are providing non accurate stats. I believe it's the high school students who are responsible for keeping track of the stats so what needs to be done is have each team keep track themselves and then collaborate after the game. There are a lot of times that coaches will also boost players stats and credits them with an assist when 'the goal scorer dodges a defensive player after receiving the pass before shooting' and it 'was not scored directly from receiving the pass.'

We here at BOTC will be adding HS Scores as a new tab in a week and knowing this, we will try to get all of the coaches to submit their stats. But I know this won't solve the problem with Newsday and the number of people reading the HS Sports section.