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Does anyone know who reports the numbers to say Newsday or Fios after a game? I figure there is an official score table but as it petains to say a goalies stats or things like assists and goals, who keeps those numbers and reports them? Does it fall on the home team to keep track?

Each team reports it to their score keepers and then they submit to Newsday. For assists/goals, you will hear the coach yell it out to them but for Goalie saves, the saves are being recorded by the volunteers you see typically at the midfield line sitting behind a table.


[quote=thegoaliesdad]Funny enough, i just called Newsday and got to there high school sports desk. I was advised that the numbers are called in by the winning team's side which I think is a flawed system especially when it comes to stats for these kids. The only way to revise them i was told was to have my son's coach call in and advise of the discrepancy. In this case, the difference in numbers is massive. Kind of a low thing to do not to give kid's there just due when they are out there busting it and give them the credit they deserve win or lose.

Yea, that doesn't seem right and with goalies, I am sure that the 'stat/score' keepers aren't paying attention to every shot. I would certainly see if your sons coach keeps stats and can have Newsday modify them accordingly.