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2017 average game attendance-Mens Lacrosse

Seems like a few more than friends and family

I think the issue is a lot of lacrosse programs play their games in the big football stadiums and as a result fans are spread out. Also cameras are mostly on one side so you only see the opposite side of the seats where there may be few fans. Yet I am sorry to say lacrosse does not draw huge numbers. It will continue to grow but never draw like basketball and football.

I think the issue is that most people dont understand or care for the game unless someone you know is playing. How is Hofstra and Stony Brook average attendance? i would be suprised if they hit 1500 at most of their games.

Thanks for your opinion. Why don't you provide the thread with facts. Your opinion just indicates that you are lazy and probably uninformed on the subject.

the poster is correct Hofstra vs Stony last year @ Hof ATTENDANCE: 1411
St. Johns vs HOfstra ATTENDANCE: 1868
those are 2 local teams
Providence @ Hof Atten 803
hof @ NC ATTENDANCE: 2036

Has to do with the weather. Season starts early in the north east.