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Every college sport except "big time" basketball and football have small crowds. So what!!! What is your point. How many spectators are at Div 1 baseball, hockey, cross country, volleyball, softball, track, rugby etc. The kids play because they enjoy being student-athletes.

Having attended a school with a then top DIII hockey team, every home game I attended (which was every one) had a full or near full arena - granted these arenas are in the 2 - 3K range for capacity, but that is way beyond friends and family, and for many DIII schools, those numbers exceed the student body population. Most of the away games I attended were similar situations - for reference this was the ECAC. I have to think DI hockey equals or exceeds the interest exhibited by DIII (my schools team is now DI, and they still fill their arena regularly). I can't argue about the rest of the sports mentioned . . .

Lehigh Wrestling Attendance: 9,896 versus Penn State last month. It was awesome! [/quote]

Since BOTC likes facts..........what school and when. Provide facts not your opinion about some D3 hockey. As far as wrestling.....that's a great in state matchup. 10K at that match is great.

The poster stated that DI hockey didn't draw fans and I provided anecdotal evidence that DIII ECAC hockey drew consistent fans in the thousands back in the 80s and 90s. That same school is now DI in the ECAC and still draws - you've got enough info to figure it out.