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I would rather see happy kids. They really don't care who they beat as long as they win. I'm not sure what is to be learned by getting stomped on by a team that practices year round 2 to 3 times a week. A team of NJ hold backs can't even compete against good Long Island teams.

I don't think an Entire Team of hold backs would 'not' even compete against a LI Team...NJ has excellent players and some are just as good, if not better and it is about matchups. There are just too teams spread thin where on LI, the teams are more stacked with a lot more parity at least at the elite level.

Back to the 91/Leading Edge Merger - How is this going to help 91 and/or NJ Lax? IMO, Leading Edge was/is already a strong program so I don't see why they would 1) want to give up stake in their company and 2) how this is going to help build NJ Lax. This is obviously great for 91 as they will now be able to tap into the NJ market strengthening their bottom line, their brand and to help feed their events. Anyone have thoughts about this?