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Hey, who let Bernie Sanders on here???

Nah, just love the "finance guy" pissing and moaning about the salaries of teachers and b*tching about what they do when he's busy tossing singles up on a stage by noon every day, and getting re fueled doing lines off his desk.

You obviously have no idea what comprises the financial industry and who works there. That you just (stereotypically, no less) described a small fraction of specific workers (brokers/traders?) of just one part of the financial industry comes as no surprise - the 80s and 90s called and want you to stop disparaging a lifestyle not really seen since! Stop watching Wall Street and The Wolf of Wall Street, and thinking they are movies about contemporary times, because that seems to be your sole source of info! How about you list out the sectors/businesses that make up the financial industry to demonstrate you even know what it is - impress us with your knowledge. Either way, it either short circuits your myopic/ignorant comments above or will perpetuate your ignorance, but have at it.

Of course thats your rebuttal, Your a first year on a desk. You just finished reading Reminiscences of a Stock Operator and will be convinced everything in that book is gospel, then you will read Buffett The making of an American Capitalist, and that the ways and means of the Oracle of Omaha are the only way to trade.

LOL Can we please get back to lacrosse. For those of you who dont know above is my spin on a scene from Good Will Hunting. Lets talk lacrosse.

"How bout them apples "