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I am a big believer in the old adage that the best coaches get off the bus with the best players.....players win games and coaches lose games is a bunch of B.S.

Tom Coughlin was a great coach when he had talent and fired when he did not.

IMHO the coaching at the PAL level is more important then at the HS level. have a great feeder program and have a great HS program, that is how they did it in WI and SWR and how they constantly do it at CSH, GC, Mann and CSH.

I also don't believe the coaching in travel is that much better if at all then at the HS level. A lot of the travel coaches are HS coaches, they might be able to do more strategy coaching but they have hand picked teams. They can build team offense and team defense because they do not worry about skills or the weaker players where as at most HS you are still working on skills almost all the way through (except at the programs with good feeder programs).

Having said all that I will say that the one team that constantly gets the most out of their outstanding players is WM - really good game day coaches.

Except the two years they lost to Smithtown East.

Unless a team wins a championship every year they are no good? is there a chance that Smithtown East had good coaching and good players on those teams? reading this thread it is a wonder that any team wins any games...ever.