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whats the common thing about the hold backs? They all go to private schools!

What schools are considered the best academically ..... private schools!

Who's laughing now? The private school kid who your son will be working for someday.

Considered by who to be the best academically? The same parents who pay for it? Not based in fact at all in this area unless your data point for comparison is Baltimore city schools in which case would agree but several of the surrounding Counties offer equal and at times a better education as evidenced in test scores when comparing like students, they offer more in terms of advanced courses and AP courses due to economies of scale. Both have tangible and intangible other positive and negative factors about them but academics are not superior at the Baltimore private schools. Sports yes as many of the schools offer athletes scholarships and they fill the teams with known elite athletes in the area. Will not go into it in depth here as this topic has been beaten to death on these forums but you really should check your facts prior to posting broad generalizations. You pay for some great things as private schools including smaller class sizes but it really is more about if you feel that your child is best served by a private school that is great but respect that others in outlying counties choose public schools for specific reasons, including the academics, even if offered private school scholarships or money is not an issue.