[quote=Anonymous]Agreed. What's the point of playing for any school in D1 outside the top10. The same schools basically win every year. If your kid want's the chance to actually win a championship, and you can get over the point of being an idiot parent who only cares about bragging about your kid, let them go D2, a top school and they can actually win something they will have the rest of their lives. A championship as well as a great education. But i'm assuming you are also likely that dad at every tournament who carries around a stick for absolutely no reason. There are always a few.

I do not care about your other points but I like to carry around my sons back up stick. I do not like to sit down in a beach chair and drag it from field to field. I never played lacrosse so I am not reliving anything. Just wanted to stick up for the guys who like walking sticks at tournaments.