This is literally an argument about nothing as related to HS or College. Youth, fine, chatter on all day long, both sides have a case. HS into College, irrelevant. The major HS sports associations have age caps to account for every reasonable circumstance imaginable, and it is never going to go "down". It's basically 19 before Senior year to be eligible. They aren't going to lower it, because a kid could have to repeat a grade for many reasons - could be very stupid, could have a catastrophic accident, could miss a year of school for who cares what reason, could be super lazy, could have parents that transfer around and move a lot, could just like to have another year. It's not changing. NCAA has age caps for Varsity sports and time restrictions between HS and College to be eligible, with some understandable exemptions, such as major injury, military service, charitable service, and a few similar. Never changing the cap in the "down" direction. So, whine, complain, argue all you want, these things have been thought through upside down and backwards. Youth, argue all you want about age versus grade, because there are cases on both sides.