[lacrosse] Vermeil Delivers US Lacrosse Convention Keynote

[lacrosse] Vermeil built one of the most successful NFL coaching careers ever by developing relationships with his players that focused more on who they were as people. That made him a natural selection to deliver the keynote address at the US Lacrosse National Convention, presented by Champion, Friday night, given the lacrosse community's affinity for highlighting the long-lasting relationships that come with participation in the sport.

Vermeil shared his principles of leadership honed over a 50-year career that now includes his position as an executive in the wine industry, leading a team that bottles and sells Vermeil Wines, a long-time family tradition now enjoyed by the public.

"I always told people I don't coach football, I coach people who play football," he said. "You don't coach lacrosse, you coach people who play lacrosse."