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You are such a [lacrosse]. How am I making excuses, donkey, they are not my teams so I don't give a flying [lacrosse]. Who won at US nationals? I'm pretty sure it wasn't YJ or TG.

I don't play on any team bc I'm not 11. You are also assuming that I'm on a girls team.

I think you meant poser.

And you never answered what team you played for. You would fit right into the YJ family of [lacrosse] parents on that team.

Maybe you're TG purple or YJ B team. That would explain your animosity.

I feel sorry for you that you have to come on here making stuff up about an imaginary team that your daughter plays on and "never lost". Your jealousy is pretty clear. You just can't accept that teams like TG and YJ have won tournaments and beat top Maryland teams. Sad for you. But I have a tip: Lay off the booze and have a catch with your daughter.

This is all so entertaining. Yet, it could also foster some great philosophical debates with a sort of lacrosse theme.
For example - Should it really be considered a game if it's not technically a full game - what is a full game? Are their minimum minutes required in the US Lacrosse or FIL rulebooks? Kind of like the minimum innings for a baseball game. Or is it truly a game if the officials officiate and the coaches coach - then the coaches sign off on the score sheet at the end?
That debate is almost as good as the one about whether it's really a tournament if none of the top teams show up.