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Did you think of that all on your own? That you win by scoring more goals?? Holy [lacrosse]!!! No one ever told me that!!!! I think you need to go and tell people this because I think they would be shocked.

Thank g-d the Super Bowl wasn't only 3 quarters or Atlanta would be the champions.

You're a f**king moron. A 22 minute championship game is ridiculous. Any sane person would agree. So I understand why you can't grasp that concept.

Let me guess, you're a YJ parent? Wait I take that back, you must be a TG parent bc you're asking about National Draw. Either way, how did YJ or TG do at U.S. Nationals?

Dude, you need to stop being an [lacrosse]. You seem to be the [lacrosse] that comments on all the threads, bc it's impossible there are two of you morons saying the same [lacrosse]. Know your role and shut your trap.

Still waiting to hear what team you play on where you never lost?? Both YJ and TG know what it takes to win a tournament. You need to show up at whatever format they throw at you and not make excuses. Sometimes you win sometimes you don't. But you don't make excuses like you. Ya jackass! And I'm not the same poster.