Were you I the 1st?

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Smithtown teams will be playing in the second session.

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Now if you look 91 doesnt even have white or Stampede playing in session 2 for 6th grade. Will 91 have any teams in the 6th grade bracket.

Who is playing 2nd session?

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r the outlaws comming to play this weekend? we can use the compitition

Why is there no other team signed up that is good competition? From the other comment of outlaws doubling up (the only oulaw team doubling up is 6th grade) so is the 6th grade bracket weak?

What happened to WM or team smithtown r they are not strong? What about Jesters or Riptide? Jesters had many tryouts thoughts were they would have gotten some good players? Is Riptide trying to get back to Stickhead status, your comments don't help that?

If competition is weak why not just reach out to the gladiators I mean all greys? Team LI? Due dawgs? Or are they playing in a different league?

Or is 91 (white stampede) that good and will play "A" come spring