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[Linked Image]The goal of the Premier Lacrosse team-training program is to instill lacrosse skills and game concept to teams, and progress each week based on the teamís ability. The staff of Premier Lacrosse is made of educators and former collegiate lacrosse players.

Beginner Package
Designed for the youth teams that are looking to increase the skill level of the athletes already committed to the game of lacrosse. Focus of team practices will be on fundamentals of the game. Stick skills, specific position skills, and game concepts will be adjusted based on each teamís progression and ability level. Beginner team trainings will be once a week. The parent coaches are encouraged to get involved and help develop the skills of each player.

Competitive Package
Designed for those teams comprised of athletes who have basic stick skills and mild game concepts already established, the Competitive Package is for you. Competitive Team trainings will include but not be limited to Speed and agility work, game situations, communication, transition, offensive and defensive strategies, and game play. Competitive team trainings will meet twice a week and can go to one game per week if you wish.

For all Team Training sessions, girls are to bring: Stick, mouth guard, goggles, and water bottle. Boys: Stick, mouth guard, and water bottle

Premier Lacrosse Academy Team
Our professional training and top tournament competition Premier Lacrosse will provide your son/daughter with experience, exposure at a high level of play. Our summer training will consist of one mandatory practice a week; in addition to the mandatory session there will be optional striker/defender and conditioning session (Highly recommended to attend).

These teams will be made up of the top players in each age group throughout Long Island, the Premier Academy teams will enter up to four tournament, three local tournaments and one out of state tournament. These teams are designed to increase the level of ability and play for the dedicated, and motivated Lacrosse players. We will enter these teams in tournaments to build a strong tournament resume for top future showcasing tournaments. Our program and top training staff will develop each team to prepare for top collegiate showcasing tournaments. With our entire staff being educators and having played for Collegiate D1, D2 and D3 Lacrosse, Premier has established solids collegiate coaching contacts.

Dates for Summer 2011 Premier Lacrosse Academy teams will be posted by February 1st, 2011. Please visit our Premier Lacrosse Web Site to learn more about us and our staff. You can also visit Back of the Cage for the most up to date and accurate information.

Please contact us at for pricing on Team/Academy training packages for 2011. Also, please contact Dave Phaff or Melissa Read at 631--833-0959.