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Kids should never give up. They need to hard for *every goal or every save* until the very end -even when you are losing by a large amount. It does count in real tournaments in terms of standings with goals against.

Kids should know that cheating isn't "cheating when the rules have been adjusted by the person/people in charge. And if you aren't happy with the situation of a serious disadvantage - handle it like a mature adult. Register a complaint with the Tournament director, contact the Program director of the offending team and contact your own program director. Running off to social media to air your grievances - questionable intent there.

Interesting that as responsible parents, we tell our kids not to take their personal gripes to social media because there is always more to the story and it causes divisiveness and bullying. I guess this was a Do as I say, not as I do situation?

Parents of younger players should know - college coaches are interested in the behavior of the kids on and off the field - and their parents/family play a part on that checklist as well. A black X on the sheet, no matter what column it's in isn't easy to shake. I know you are talking about 3rd graders here, but the time goes quick and it's a small group of lax folks that you run into all the time. The program directors you are slamming on this or any other site/anywhere else could help or hurt your son's chance. You need to be calculated & pick your battles. If your kid is from a whacky family & you get yourself a reputation for causing drama - the college coaches will undoubtedly hear about it. They don't need the drama or your kid at their school no matter how good he/she is.

How do you know that the ONLY way some are addressing the age thing is via social media/BOTC?? You could be doing things elsewhere AND also posting here or elsewhere on social media.