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If it was about safety, those of you most concerned would have sat your child and said NO WAY is my kid going out there. I for one would never sacrifice my sons health for a lacrosse game. So those of you spouting off about the dangers of this event, what did you do? If your son played you are a hypocrite, and quite frankly a lousy parent for letting him go out there with the knowledge that his health and wellbeing were in jeapordy. Be honest, It's all about the win, always has been and always will be. Just saying folks!!!

Express coach admitted to having older players toward the end of the championship game. I sure if it was know prior to the start of the game the coaches would have never put them on the field. The Express coach went over to Levittown coaches before the start of the game and wished them luck. That would have been the appropriate time to divulge they were majority of older players. That didn't happen.