Great question!

Because the game is so different from field lacrosse, especially in terms of the need for more quick changes of direction and shorter, generally more intense shifts, if anything I would lean towards lengthening the warm-up period.

Besides just increasing body temperature and blood flow, I would want to make sure to that the warm-up devoted enough attention to increasing both ankle and hip mobility, to prepare athletes for all of the direction changes.

I would also want to make sure that nervous system activation was especially high, given the increased need for quick reactions and split second timing. This can be achieved by including some "quick feet" and reaction time drills using things like an agility ladder, or having athletes perform rapid lines hops etc.

Having them do some tennis ball reaction drills would also be a good idea here. A coach could stand several feet in front of two athletes holding a tennis ball in each hand at shoulder's height. Athletes would then adopt a "ready" position and as soon as they saw the balls drop, they would sprint forward and each would try to retrieve their ball on just one bounce.

Another good drill you can try in your warm-up is sprints from non-ready positions. Because of the increased contact experienced during box lacrosse, players are even more apt to be knocked to the ground. Having them work on getting back up as quickly as possible and sprinting into the play can be a great way to prep them for game action.

Have players lie face down on the ground and then get up and sprint on either a visual, or audible signal. You can also have them try it laying flat on their back. It's a really effective drill and kids love it.

I hope this helps. Thanks again for your question. Keep them coming!


Coach Mike