Dukes 2024 has some very good talent. No weak links , certainly not the caliber of taz or Wolfpack as a team but some very strong players But this team is brand new. Played 1 tourney together, They played up in binghampton in a 5/6 tourney a few weeks ago and held their own against some good 6th grader teams. They have multiple kids from Maryland, Virginia, Carolina, New [lacrosse] etc. this team is not intended to be your primary team, The tournaments are set up around the primary travel period, not to conflict. Mini camps are awesome and getting better and better as more kids show up. The mini camps are set up on college campuses where the team watches the game then practices on the college turf. The coaching is phenomenal. Even if you have no interest in playing, 60 dollars for a very intense 3 hours is well worth it. Upcoming tourneys is shamrock 3/19 on Long island