Thanks for starting the 2024 thread. Picking up where the other poster started on the general thread that BL2024 promises their parents Championships I have to say that was never brought up.

We left another club and tried out for BL this past season. My son is not by an means close to the top boys on this team but I can tell you what the experience has been thus far.

1. Excellent coaching. Especially the box training really made a difference over the winter kid loved it.
2. My sense was I would pay less money as they mention with their a la carte approach and I have.
3. The team has 3-4 players that are outstanding 5th grade lacrosse players and then a lot of "good" players. Better kids help my sons development. Our previous club didn't really have any top notch players. It gives him a goal.

On the negative side:
1. There are boys on this team that are AA caliber players and there are boys that are struggling to consistently catch and throw.
2. I think they could practice a bit more and consistently.

All said and done very happy with the switch and looking forward to the Tournament season.