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few questions...
what town's are these top 5 8 th grade travel teams kids from ?
is the express teams made up of kids who will be future ST.A or flyer students/ players ??
has the outlaws and team 91 keep their core players together over the last few years?

so, has true blue and gladiators keep majority of players from 2 towns? or has it changed its direction..


The "top 5 teams" have kids from all over LI

Alot of ppl feel that if you plan to go to Catholic HS, Express is the way to go

Outlaws & 91 both had open tryouts, from what is written on here, there were a lot of changes

TB was not from 2 specific towns & Gladiators has answered your question in the post below (or above)

Just one persons opinion. Hope this helps.