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You been playing together? more like paying together, look around the next pradtice at least 5 of you will be replaced by the summer.

I'm sure kids get replaced all the time. At this age and grade I would believe kids need to step up. If my son is removed from a team it will because he does not deserve to be there as he isn't pulling his wait. One of the values I install in my child is not to take anything for granted and always improve your self not only in sports but in all of life. No one is telling you where to go, where to stay it's your choice. Look at the big picture and decide what's best for your child because HS is around the corner and there are kids that won't make varsity teams better they realize hard work now.

You're right, kids do get replaced all of the time but, not in mid-season! This has happened over & over in the past with this organization. we've been there, we've seen it & we have moved on. It was not done to my son, we were actually on the other end & felt it was underhanded and dishonest and walked away. Just dont believe you or child is any different, you are all replaceable in MC's eyes. & believe me, its not always about the values you teach your children (because we all try to do that) sometimes things are just wrong! Good luck to your son this season.