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Possible to have a forum for Girls LAX that is not just for pissing matches regarding YJ and TG?

I'm looking to find out thoughts on other teams as my daughter is looking for a new team in the next try out season.

Teams she is looking at so far will be I**N, Le****y, El****e, perhaps Li****y. Probably TG just to take on that try out environment.

She's a rising 9th grader.

Thanks in advance

Curious, why are those other teams not able to be typed in this forum, everyone knows what they refer to ??? If you can say TG, YJ, M&D, Skywalkers, heroes etc I'm not sure what's wrong with those others. Having said that, my daughter plays for one of the two programs you don't want to hear about, and she is quite happy. there is a place for everyone, and I wish you the best.

It has been explained so many times. Once more.. They are not programs that BOTC is comfortable promoting to parents.