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New to this so please pardon my I gnorance but could could someone school me on verbal commitments? I realize they are just that and there's no binding contract but what if a young athlete changes their mind in a year or two? Are they blacklisted? Do schools ever rescind offers and are there stipulations such as GPA, SAT scores?
Last question, are there any good sites or resources that can help someone navigate this process that you can point me to?

Kids can change their minds at any time until the sign a national letter of intent (NLI) in there senior year and you only sign an NLI if you are receiving athletic aid so no NLI for Ivy League, Military Academy's or D3. I kid that de-commits from a verbal usually does so with a new offer of a verbal commit from another school. Generally the verbal is between the coach and the player so some schools de commit if the coaches leave the school but that would probably be the younger players so the new coach can bring in his own recruits but every case is unique. A coach will generally tell the younger players that they must get X GPA and X SAT to be accepted and the verbal is contingent on but not guaranteed with admission. Coaches will generally not break a verbal commitment because they have a reputation to worry about and if they people start saying the have not honored commitments they would have a hard time getting them in the future. I have heard of coaches telling a kid that they have committed to another kid at the same position and tell the kid they will still honor the verbal but the kid might want to look for a different situation.

This is all my opinion from going through it a few times but every school and every case is different.