This team lost to Canada in a scrimmage a few weeks ago. Supposedly, the Canadians only practiced together a few times, yet the USA had a whole training camp etc. Why did US lax decide to have college coaches run the program? USA has never lost this tourney before, yet they wanted to change they way we put together a team? Doesn't make sense to me. What was wrong with the previous structure? Not to mention, it is not like OSU, PSU or UPENN are lighting up the BIG10 or IVY. I think USA will lose to the Canadians.

The game has always had a bit of politics in it. Coaches kids get more playing time. Kids from certain HS prog get better looks. But, this U19 team stinks to high heaven of political maneuvering by the coaches. I hear the Alabama kid (OSU recruit) is really good, but aren't there current college frosh that are better?