My son had played for a big well known club for a few years and eventually got cut this past year. We were not bitter- but sought to find a team that worked for our schedule and his abilities. He tried out for Pride as many of the other big names already had their try outs by the time he heard he was cut. We were sure it would be a one year thing and he would try out for some of the bigger names next year. I have to say, I am fairly impressed with the club. They are not one of the power houses- but not every kid needs a power house team. We have another son that still remains on a power house team.

My son is on the shy side and he has made some great friends and feels fairly happy with his team. As parents that have been involved with a bigger club, I can say we are just as happy with this club. Sometimes when a door shuts, a better one opens and in his case, this is exactly what happened.

He will play 4 tournaments this summer, they list their tournaments on the site. He played for their Spring league and if we had known he would going to be with Pride and the ins and outs- we would have registered him for the Fall Ball as well.

The club is less expensive than some of the others. The coaches have been so professional and communicate with the players and the parents. My son loves his coaches- they are young and fun. They work him hard, but he is enjoying playing for them. They are not top name coaches, but they know their stuff and they respect the kids. I do not see any favoritism, but obviously some of the stronger players may get a bit of extra playing time.

They have three 7/8th grade teams. The A team is mostly all 8th graders. The two others are basically split evenly with a mix of 7th ( mostly and a few 8th graders. When they go to tournaments- they play B level and the 8th grade team plays in the A division.

Hope this helps.