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In regards to your statement "I doubt very much that the parents of a 12 year old on the 3rd team at 91 thinks their kid is going to get a scholarship to Johns Hopkins" Have you read the insanity on this board. I think too many people believe their child is the next coming. As a result they pour soon much money into these clubs who offer false promises. It's quality not quantity that should be searched out. So stop drinking the Kool Aid. High school coaches have a thankless job and do the best they can with what hand they are dealt when it comes to players. Clubs don't care about kids. They want the MONEY!!!! That's why we are seeing so many spring up that offer an inferior product. Your the perfect person to promote the club teams with your blinders on. Show me the money.

Sorry, I'm a parent of a kid on 91s 3rd team.. No delusion here, my kid is playing there because he's having fun and learning the game outside of typical town politics and over-the-top parent coaches. Plus, the 3rd team is cheaper. Your not paying as if your an A player on a new "fly by night organization". If my kid isn't having fun he will move on, but until then we are happy.

I think what your missing is that I do agree certain clubs put out a good product. It's the new clubs popping up yearly. Look at all new ones on LI and also look at how many have folded. I just don't want parents to forget it's a game. It seems like you understand that. It has become a big business and people get caught up in it and forget to enjoy their kids.