The previous owners were a horror. I have to agree. That said, I have spoken with the new owner via telephone and he comes off a nice, reasonable, mellow gentleman. I hope to meet him within the next few weeks.

The Hurricanes last Winter from my seat, was a f'ing horror.

I expect that this year they will get it together...I would also point out to multi-sport families, that I am told that the Hub is adding an Ice Hockey rink...that should be huge, as youth hockey is huge.

I spoke with the new owner, Moussa Sy, of the former Coastal Indoor facility in Hauppague about using his wood floor for basketball, roller hockey, and volleyball, but he is a soccer guy so I don't know if he will take advantage of these other youth sports.

Anyway, let's cut the Hub some slack as they didn't buy this business just to [lacrosse] it up, they want to be good youth sports citizens....beside, Heather Hoffman will always help you out...tell her Jocko sent you when you call her at the Hub smile