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If someone stole a kids stick, you are a loser, give it back. I just can't believe the amount of attention this stick is getting. You would think this stick is a picasso. I mean, worst case , going to lax unlimited and getting another stick won't be the end of the world. If lost tons of equipment over the years. My son is still a good player, my family survived. Dont get me wrong, if someone stole it, they are a loser. I'm with you. It has been a week now, it might be time to replace the stick is all I'm saying.

I love it when people feel the need to post for absolutely no reason and contribute absolutely nothing.

According to the owner the stick has been replaced. Now it's about holding the [lacrosse] that stole it accountable. Apparently the witness wanted to do the right thing and contacted me with the information. Since I know who it is I thought I would give them an opportunity to return it with no penalty. Of course I am not optimistic and will forward the guilty party's info to the owner and advise him to press charges if I am not contacted with a plan of return.
But thanks for your opinion I guess...