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After playing in and watching A LOT of lacrosse games over the past 40 plus years I can honestly say that the level of officiating on the boys and girls side is AMAZINGLY HORRIBLE.

I think it's time these officials be held accountable for their lack of understanding of the rules.
I witnessed many games get out of control (boys games) due to the fact that the officials didn't properly control the game and call blatant fouls when they happened. These games ended with kids hurt, parents really upset, coaches really upset and complete chaos on the field.

Find out the NAME of the official you feel should be reported, their association (Nassau or Suffolk), tournament NAME and/or game DATE and send it to me.

really hop? you are the referee of BOTC and you miss a lot, you try to let the posters go too long and sometimes the thread gets out of hand - you are inconsistent in many of your rules interpretations from one thread to the other but at the end of the day you are doing the best you can and most of us appreciate what a hard and thankless job you have - much like the hard working and under appreciated lacrosse officials of Long Island - that was for you Campy

FYI.. The Hop is not the only referee here at BOTC and is probably not missing anything.. Like you, he is entitled to his opinion.. not really.. he is MORE entitled than you, he is not anonymous.