Enforce like-age vs like-age competition, through the use of roster lists (which include names, uniform number, US lacrosse number, and date of birth), and photograph ID cards for each player. In order to be less disruptive to current teams, grandfather in 2025 and older, and only start it with 2026 and younger - although many will prefer that it be enforced immediately at all levels.

Further, what is lost often when age classification is discussed is the growth of the game. Lacrosse is growing, but would grow more significantly if age based enforcement at all levels (even Town) were implemented similar to other sports. Lack of structure in this area scares away the casual parent who may be wary about a sport they know little about and may see as violent. Youth lacrosse, and especially the summer and fall circuits, needs to do a better job including the more casual and/or less athletic player. It can't only be the bastion of the prospective college athletes. Especially in non-hot bed areas (where growth is needed), teams with wide variances in age are squaring off, which chases away many parents who frankly are not used to seeing this in soccer, hockey and baseball.