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Proof of age....Just like soccer. At least for 2nd-8th grades. And maybe implement a yellow/red card system for repeated roughness...

Yes, this MUST be done for so many reasons:

Fairness (Frustrations are building and it is just terrible what is going on with kids showing up 2 years older than the others!)

Safety (Do we need to wait till a kid dies or is paralyzed after being hit by a kid 2 years older playing down?)

Growth of game (how do you expect to attract middle class kids when the wealthy have the reclass advantage?)

C'mon US Lacrosse, this issue needs immediate attention!! I am all for the soccer system with US Lacrosse issued picture ID cards, renewed each year. I'll also let you know a little secret. My sons have not been registered with US Lacrosse for two years. Yes tournament wavers ask for their number, I just make one up and nobody ever checks. This will be a way for you to make much more money because I know I don't only speak for myself.