Being through the youth frontier of lacrosse it seems at times it is the wild wild west. Being at a grade based tournament this past year, I was shocked to see the obvious blatant disregard for moral standards. I was at a grade based tournament and noted many DOB a year older than my son.

While playing a game a certain player made a good move against my sons team. The player was 19 months older than the player he made the move on. The sad part was a verbal exchanged ensued between the parents, something to the fact... "...if he was playing his right age/level he wouldn't have been able to accomplish that move..." only to have the retort. "... It isn't our fault you are to lazy or poor to reclass... everyone is doing it".

This is the sad state that reclassing has done. Gladwell states if one or two people do it, you have an advantage, when more than a few do it is there still an advantage... or does it create a bigger disadvantage.