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This is what's wrong with youth lacrosse. Top three teams of second graders? Really? Although the OP may defend this by saying it's all in good fun and makes for interesting forum fodder , what is ti really doing? It's taking the focus away from what should be the true purpose of youth sports; learning the fundamentals, learning team sports, cultivating a love and respect for the sport, and most importantly, having fun. This is telling the parents of 7 and 8 year olds that team performance , at this young age, is important. And don't think the club teams aren't eating this up (at least the ones that get mentioned). What great marketing...

Go ahead and flame me, tell me to lighten up, whatever. 5 or 6 years from now, "most" of the parents of these second graders will agree. The rest will be responding to the top three 2033 teams.

in an ideal world id like to say you are right. In this crazy world we live in those 2nd graders are the ones who are a leg up going into this travel HS or College scene. Sure you have a small percentage who switch to play later on and the puberty factor always helps but as long as you don't over extend and keep a family balance those that get after it since 2nd grade will be the ones you see as you go through the years.