Here is the public link for the US Lacrosse Women's National Tournament (WNT) for 2012:

The tourney is run by US Lacrosse in conjunction with the NCAA Division I Final Four Championship games. Teams from all over the U.S. play. This Memorial Day weekend the college Div. I Women's Final Four is at Stony Brook Univ. The WNT tourney is played Sat / Sun during the day at SBU before the college playoff games. High school players do not have to be affiliated with a travel club. Tryouts are at the end of April. Each varsity high school coach can nominate up to 5 players to attend tryouts being held at Ward Melville HS. Due to the large number of varsity programs on Long Island, Long Island as a region (US Lax Chapter)enters three squads. It is a well run event and because it is held on Championship weekend at the same venue, a ton of college coaches attend, scout, and recruit. Separately, US Lacrosse holds a HS Senior game (see the link). No coach's nominations or tryouts are held. Seniors who want to play can register and enjoy the experience and cool gear they receive.