I have always thought that lacrosse referees are the most sensitive guys in sports. Not growing up playing lacrosse, I've always watched how reactive they are when anything they do is questioned. Even the slightest criticism from coach or fan and i've seen many lose their mind. Do not see that in other sports. Seems like football and basketball refs have a higher tolerance. Soccer officials have the most. Which leads me to my real point. It also seems that in lacrosse recruiting there is ALWAYS mentioned about the parents....always. I don't see that in other sports? Why is that. Do you think that when Nick Saban recruits a 5 star running back from Alabama that his parents are a huge part of the package? I doubt. Obviously you want good parents but who cares? How much of a problem can a parent be at the Divison 1 level or any level? Not getting it? Someone jump in here and give your best.