Posted on February 23rd, 2021




1. Ignore those who say to focus on lax.

2. Pay attention to those who say education first and lacrosse second.No one asks in a job interview how many goals you had. However, they will ask you about your GPA.
3. Focus on prospect days, showcases and proven, high-level club events. Look at the number of college lacrosse coaches attending and the amount of players accepted to see the coach to prospect ratio.

4.You need an aggressive, systematic and, focused approach to recruiting. Anything else, is wasted time and money.
5. Be pragmatic and observant. Lack of interest is just that.  Nothing you or your coach can say will sway a college coach and their opinion on your skill set.

6. Your performance on the field and in the classroom is under a microscope. Make your academic resume your calling card.  A great academic resume will separate you from the competition!

7. Make it easy for a coach to be your advocate during the admissions process. The better your transcript, the easier his or her job becomes in securing you a preferred slot as a recruited student-athlete!
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Tips from Recruiting Expert, Ken Miller