Posted on February 24th, 2021


The 2018 MLL Schedule is Officially Out BUT 


Do you care? Is this even the right time to release MLL news?

  • You have the NBA and NHL in full swing.
  • You have the NFL playoffs around the bend.
  • You have Lavar Ball vs. Trump.
  • NCAA teams are releasing their schedules on a near daily basis.


Oh, the NLL season starts any day.


So, is this the right time to even release the MLL schedule?



The season doesn’t start until April. A chunk of players wont even be playing in the first few weeks due to the NLL (National Lacrosse League) schedule overlap. There’s only like sixnine teams so there is never going to be any discussion around out of conference strength of schedule a la college lacrosse.


Chris Jastrzemski of College Crosse added this little nugget yesterday:   There are two games going on during Championship Weekend and a full week of games during the FIL World Championships. That is dumb.


There will be no interest in MLL games during Memorial Day Weekend. Depending upon how expensive the FIL stream costs, folks may tune in to LSN for an MLL game.


Releasing bad news when the news cycle is focused on other things is a time honored stunt. Maybe the MLL is getting clever. Even if they do not have a new commissioner.


Here is a post for another time: Why do you need a fifteen game regular season in a nine team league? (Has this been discussed before? Haven’t paid close enough attention to MLL league building strategy.)


Additional MLL question: Can you believe they put the 2017 All Star Game in Sacramento, California?


Okay, final MLL question because this is our first MLL post in ages: Does the league have a strategy for when Rabil, a hyper talented lacrosse player and businessman, retires? Do you get the sense that there is a younger version of Rabil waiting?


Still cannot believe we have a semi professional outdoor lacrosse league to talk about. If 67,000 people can attend an MLS playoff game on a Thursday in Atlanta, maybe there is hope for the growth and maturation of the MLL.



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