Posted on February 24th, 2021



William Peace Univerisity is enterrnig its innagural season as a Division III program in the USA South Conference.

The program is located in Raleigh, North Carolina  

Ranked #1 Best City for school performance, green space, and cultural amenities by Businessweek

Ranked # 3 Best City for Young Professionals by Forbes

Ranked # 4 Best places to live in the United States by US News & World Report


Back of the Cages Tom Michaelsen caught up with Coach Bates for a couple of questions: 

TM: Coach, first off we would like to congradulate you on your new coaching position.  Can you tell us why you coach and why you chose Willam Peace University?

CB: To be honest, coaching found me. I was very blessed to have outstanding coaches from youth sports all the way through college. Coaching is a way that I can give back and positively impact the lives of athletes. I view athletics as an extension of the classroom and an opportunity to gain necessary life skills. Ilove what I do and I want my players to have an experience they will value for a lifetime.

Mens Lacrosse at WPU has the opportunity to be a nationally recognized program in quick fashion. The academics, location, campus, cost, conference and new facilities make this a great place for student athletes, specifically lacrosse players, to invest in their future. When I was a club and high school coach, I told my players, find a school that prepared you for the next 40 years of your life, we offer that here.

TM: Here are some things to know about WPU:

  • 97% Job/ Grad School placement 
  • You can take classes for free as part ofy your normal course load 
  • FREE TEXTBOOKS all 4 years 
  • Study abroad opportunities 
  • 150,000 College students in the area 
  • 100% of students receive financial aid


Here are what a couple players who formerly played for Coach Bates had to say about him:

Player 1: Coach Bates is a players coach. He was always there to offer advice and help us enjoy our experience.

Player 2:Coach Bates taught me more than the game of lacrosse. I became a better player under his leadership, but he helped me see the bigger picture in life. I have him to thank for helping me become the person I am.


Coach Bates is originally from Upstate NY and Coach Smith, the Assistant Coach is originally from Long Island.  WPU has a new Fitness Center, Locker Room, Dining Hall and their President is a former Lacrosse player who is all in with building the program.  They have plans on upgrading the dorms and facilities in the next 2 years are looking for prospects from all over but would like to get their hands on some east coast talent.


For more information, you can go to and for recruits interested, you can fill out their Recruiting Questionnaire

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