Posted on February 23rd, 2021

Information on the NCAA D I, II and III Mens Lacrosse Recruiting Calendar 


It is imperative to know when coaches are allowed to evaluate you and make contact so below we have put together the 2017-2018 NCAA Division I, II and III Mens Lacrosse Recruiting Calendar along with information on when they can make contact.

  • Coaches start sending recruiting materials and make phone calls on September 1 of your junior year.

Recruiting Calender for Underclassmen (Mens):

  • August 1st 2017 through August 7th 2017: Contact Period
  • August 8th 2017 through August 14th 2017: Quiet Period
  • August 15th 2017 through August 31st 2017: Dead Period
  • September 1st 2017 through October 31st: Contact Period (no evaluations during this time)
  • Novermber 1st 2017 through November 19th 2017: Contact Period (evaluations allowed/ w the following exception {1})
  • {1} November 6th 2017 through November 9th 2017: Dead Period
  • November 20th 2017 through November 26th 2017: Dead Period
  • November 27th 2018 through December 23rd 2017: Quiet Period
  • December 24th 2017 through January 7th 2018: Dead Period
  • January 8th 2018 though January 15th 2018: Contact Period (no evaluations during this time)
  • January 16th 2018 through February 28th 2018: Quiet Period
  • March 1st 2018 through May 24th 2018: Contact Period with the following exception (1)
  • (1) April 9th 2018 through April 12th 2018: (1) Dead Period
  • May 25th 2018 through May 29th 2018 (noon): Dead Period
  • May 29th 2018 (noon) through July 31st 2018: Contact Period (evaluations allowed with the following exception {1})
  • {1} July 2nd 2018 through July 6th 2018: {1} Dead Period

NCAA Division II

  • Coaches can start mailing recruiting material, calling you, and making off-campus contact on June 15 before your junior year in high school.

The Recruiting Calendar For Underclassmen (Mens): 

  • November 6th 2017 though Novenber 8th 2017 (7am): Dead Period
  • December 6th 2017 through December 18th 2017 (noon): Dead Period
  • April 9th 2018 through April 11th 2018 (7am):  Dead Period
  • May 24th 2018 through May 29th 2019 (noon):  Dead Period

NCAA Division III & NAIA

Coaches can send printd materials and call at any time.

The Recruiting Calendar for Underclassmen: 

There are no set NCAA Division 3 Recruiting Calendars.  College coaches at the NCAA Division 3 level can contact and recruit without certain dead periods, contact periods, and quiet periods.