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2012 Meeting Schedule
All NCWLOA meetings start at 7:30 PM in the East Meadow HS Little Theater
February 15, 2012 -- Rules Interp Mtg.
March 5, 2012 --- 1st General Meeting
March 17, 2012 -Rating Session at Port Washington HS 8am- 2pm
April 2, 2012 --- Mid-Season Meeting
May 7, 2012 --- End of Season Meeting

Overtime Procedures
Tied score at end of second half,5 minute rest period. Coin toss, visitor calling for choice of goal to defend. Step(1)- Play Two, 3 minute periods, with stop clock on whistles and goals. Switch ends after each period. Play both periods regardless of score. If still tied, Step (2)-3 minute rest, then play two, 3 minute sudden victory periods. Repeat step 2 till victory. No extra timeouts are awarded. May use, timeouts not used during regulation play. Remember- The first 2(two) - 3 minute periods(6 mins.) must be played to the end.The following periods are sudden victory. Once a goal is scored, the game ends.

Coaches by rule are allowed to talk to the officials
Everyone must be aware of the mechanics, when it comes to coaches’ asking questions. Before the game, during time outs, or between halves please make sure that coaches questions are addressed. While you must talk to the coaches, if they come out screaming at you, advise them to stop , if they don’t, issue a yellow card. Unusual Situations- Everyone must be aware of reporting unusual situations. Field Conditions must be reported and noted in the score book. Sign the book.