Last week we talked about pre-game over..what do I eat? Your post game meal is as important as you pregame one. You now have to replace the lost nutrients and refuel your muscles. Your first priority is to replace fluid loss. Ideally you should weigh yourself before and then after a game. For every pound lost after a game you drink about 24 ounces of fluid within about 6 hours. Immediately after the game, drink a sports drink such as Gatorade or Powerade. You can also add a snack such as pretzles, raisins,a cereal or granola bar, etc. Within two hours after a game you should eat a meal that is high in carbohydrates (moderate to high glycemic carbs..which we will get into more detail in future posts) such as: white potatoes, bagels, waffles, short grain or instant white rice, mac & cheese, white bread/rolls, combined with some lean protein (lean beef, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs).
By following these simple guidelines you can:
REPLENISH lost fluids, REFUEL lost energy and have a rapid RECOVERY!

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