Last year one of the lacrosse players on Team Elevate was hit by a car and she suffered a serious injury. She almost had her leg amputated and the family ended up switching hospitals and they saved her leg. She has had multiple surgeries since and through lots of hard work, she has made it back onto the field.

Team Elevate has nominated Caitlyn for the National Guard Most Inspirational Athlete Contest that USA Today is running.

Below is the email that was sent out to all families. Can you please help support this? Thanks in advance.

A lot of friends and families ask to you help support some cause, most of the time the support is in the form of money, except for this one. All we are asking you to do is go online and vote for Caitlyn. Vote as many times as you would like and it only takes a second. If you pass this along to your teams and everyone votes, we can secure a win for Caitlyn, one step closer to having her be named "2014 Army National Guard Most Inspirational Athlete."

Caitlyn has made it past the first round, into the Semi-final Round. Please log on today and vote! It literally only takes a second to vote. You can vote as many times as you want, the last day to vote for this round is April 8th.